Vastu Shastra for House

Online Panditji has been armed with numbers of Pandits who are renowned as highly talented professionals in the Vedic Shastras. They hold peerless expertise in Astrology. We provide excellent guidance and advices on how to worship. You can, if are a resident of any foreign country, secure our Pooja CDs or visit our website to view Online Pooja Live Videos to experience how we organize Poojas. If you are in India, our Pandits can go to your home and do necessary Vastu Pooja. We are in possession of detailed information on Vastu Shastra for House to benefit you.

Vastu Shastra for House refers to science of house building which, in view of our learned Pandits, should be linked with eternal relation between humans and cosmos. Our Pandits have wonderful understanding about impact of geography, environment, directions and timings on a house.Vastu Purush is the authorized god of a house and we find his reference in the most ancient Veda which is Rig Veda.

Our Pandits have a name for twelve years of experience and they are authority of the Shastras like Karmakand, Yajurvedapath, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish. They can prescribe remedial measures if there is presence of Vastu Dosham, so that peace and happiness prevail where you live.