Sri Sukta Homam Puja

The globe, in the recent years, has been passing through worst kind of recession, which is to mean that people are facing difficulties in financial matter. You know it pretty well that financial problems lead to several other crisis. Online Panditji has also reason to be worried of it. Our aim is to provide necessary guidance to the people so that they can live in peace.

Online Panditji has been formed to teach how to perform Puja. Many brilliant scholars (popularly known as Panditji) are tied to us. They are famous for their study in Jyotish, Karmakand, Rudrapath, and Grahashanti. Besides this, they are known for having 12 years of intensive experience. If you contact us and want our Panditjis to do Puja for you in your dwelling place, we can organize this. If your dwelling place is in India, they will turn up at right time and they will perform Puja. It is a great opportunity to find them worshiping and it is also a chance to learn from them how to perform Puja.

Sri Sukhta Homam is known for its power and potential because of which your days can be miraculously changed. If you have acute financial crisis, you will find the exact solution in no time. The Homam is to be conducted for three consecutive days. It includes Pujas, Yagnas, Japas and several other activities which our Panditjis know very nice. We have provisions for people living in abroad. You can watch our Online Puja Live Videos and you can buy our Puja CDs too.