Santan Lakshmi Puja

Thousands of sages in ancient India have worked for thousands of years to find out solution for earthly crisis. Online Panditji is fortunate to have organized scholars of exceptional brilliance who know all about this. It is important to note that they have twelve years of experience in their possession. Karmakand, Jyotish, Rudrapath and Grahashanti are the Shastras which they have studied with total dedication. They are expert in doing Puja and Homam to please different deities. You can invite out Panditjis if you want to watch them worshipping and if you want to learn how to do Puja.

You must go for Santan Lakshmi Puja, if you want a child in your family. A family without a child is like a desert. After performing Santan Lakshmi Puja, you can be sure of becoming blessed with a child. Moreover, there will be prosperity, fortune and peace in your life.

Our Panditjis can go to your home to do Santan Lakshmi Puja. In that case, you must reside in India. We have also considered the case of the people who are to live in foreign countries. In such situation, you can buy our Puja CDs or you can have an access to our Online Puja Live Videos.