Sankata Temple Puja

We have decided to educate you about doing Puja. Our Panditjis are excellently learned and they have studied different subjects, that is, Shastras. Shastras like Rudrapath, Karmakand, Jyotish and Grahashanti they have studied. They are armed with Twelve years of experience. They know why there are crises in life and how those crises can be overcome. You can learn from these Panditjis how you should perform Puja. They can show how a god should be worshipped, and for this purpose, on your invitation, they can go to your home and do Puja, of course, if you live in India. If you live in a foreign country, you can watch our Puja programs services through Online Puja Live Videos. You can also buy our Puja CDs if you consider it important.

Sankata Mochana Temple is situated in the south side of Varanasi and its presiding deity is Shri Hanuman. This temple was founded by the great Hindi poet Tulsidas who has composed Ramacharitamanasa which is the Ramayana in Hindi language. Hanuman had profound knowledge in astrology. His blessings are really important for one who wants to get rid of crisis of any kind.