Pooja for Dead Person

Online Panditji is devoted to expand education on Poojas, Poojas which are part of life for the vast majority of the Indian people. Pooja for dead person is no less significant. Online Panditji is backed by large number of highly brilliant Panditjis (that is, scholars having great knowledge in the Hindu rituals and Poojas). They are known for offering services with Poojas in abroad. Many of them are rich with twelve years of experiences. You can mail them through the internet. They are interested to pay a visit to your residence for performing Pooja for you if you live in India. If you do not live in India, your chance for watching them doing Pooja is not remote. We can assist you with Online Pooja Live Videos and it is also possible for you to acquire our Pooja CDs.

Panditjis who have been associated with us at Online Panditji have had the privilege to get equipped with the knowledge in numbers of Shastras (that is, Rudra Path, KarmKhand, Yajurveda Path, Grahashanti and Jyotish, for example). Pooja for dead person is very important as per the Indian heritage. Dead persons who are no more in the living world have been worshiped with honor and reverence. The following Mantra is chanted:

Madhu Vata Ritayate Madhu Ksharanti Sindhoboh ….