Online Panditji is determined to educate the people with religious customs and heritage of the Hindus who have shown great interest in aesthetics in the form of fine arts while including the same in their realm of religious practices. Panditjis who have been working for Online Panditji have exceptional expertise in performance of Puja and in everything associated with Puja.

Indians are proud of great cultural and religious heritage. While caves of Ellora, Elephanta or Karli are known for religious sculptures and so are the temples at Khajuraho or Konark, painters of India has left marks of talent at the site of Ajanta hills. One cannot forget the image of Natarajam, that is, of the Master Dancer who is actually Shiva. Gods and other spirits have been accepted by majority of the Indian population as part of daily life, and hence, they have been counted as alive. Puja has been aimed at making living contact with the deities and Puja is the field of our Panditjis.

Our Panditjis can do Puja for you if you contact them. If your residence is within the boundary of India, Panditjis can visit your home and do Homam and Puja, so that you have peace and fortune. For people residing in foreign countries, we offer online programs in the form of Online Puja Live Videos. You can purchase Puja CDs from us. You can learn how Puja is performed, and this will benefit you. Our Panditjis have twelve years of experience and Shastras like Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish are at their finger’s end.