Online Pooja of Mother Bagalamukhi

Online Panditji has been highly esteemed for providing excellent services of Pooja. We have aimed at offering education in the realm of Pooja as it was once in the Vedic India. We have been armed with good number of learned scholars who have great reputation as Panditji. They have traveled abroad for doing Pooja. They have achieved mastery in series of Shastras a few of which are known by the name of Rudra Path, KarmKhand, Yajurveda Path, Grahashanti and Jyotish.

These eminent Panditjis, who have been working for Online Panditji, is prepared to respond to your call. You can call them through email. This is to mean that they would reach to your house to do Pooja, but your dwelling must be in India. You need not be upset, if you are living in abroad. You can also ask us for wonderfully prepared Pooja CDs. You can have an access to our Online Pooja Live Videos and can watch our Panditjis doing Pooja.

Online Pooja of Mother Bagalamukhi from Online Panditji is a unique option for you to experience how our Panditjis do Pooja of Bagalamukhi. Pooja of the goddess Bagalamukhi is to ensure victory in court case or over evil people.

!!Om Hleem Baglamukhi Sarwdushtanam Wacham Mukham Padam
Stambhay Jihwa Kilay Buddhi Vinashay Hleem Om swaha!!

Bagalamukhi Maha Mantram meaning is as below:-

Oh Goddess, paralyze the speech and feet of all evil people. Pull their tongue, destroy their intellect.

Note - Don’t use Baglamukhi Mantra without proper guidance and instructions. It could harm you. It’s better to get Baglamukhi Diksha before starting this Sadhana.