Nava Graha Shanti Puja

It is a traditional belief that impact of the Nine Planets (that is, Nava Graha which include Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn etc) on the life and activities of human beings is a fact. Position of these celestial bodies taken in respect of that of the human beings determines how the latter can behave and what is inevitable for them. It is, therefore, important to please these planets by Puja and prayer by which activities we can make them pleased and we can shape things on the earth in our favor.

Online Panditji is proud of having a set of brilliant scholars. Panditjis they are called popularly. They have expertise in Indian Astrology and they have experience of twelve years in this area of knowledge. They have studied several Shastras of which Rudrapath, Karmakand, Jyotish, Grahashanti etc are important.

Panditjis associated with Online Panditji will go to your home or office if you contact them bys ending emails. They are prepared to do Nava Graha Shanti Puja for you. It is, of course, possible for them if your home is in India. The ambiance of your home will fill with divine feelings when they will start uttering

‘Om Jawakusumosomkashom Kashyopeyom Mahadyutim

Dhwantarim Sarbopapevyoh Pronotoh –osmi Divakaram ….

We are also ready with Online Live Puja Videos and Puja CDs for those who live in foreign countries.