Nava Durga Online Puja

Online Panditji is dedicated to provide effective education on how to perform Puja. With this mission in mind, we have engaged numbers of Panditji who are actually brilliant scholars who have conducted Puja and associated works for at least last twelve years. This is not al. Our Panditjis have studied different Shastras of which Rudrapath, Karmakand, Jyotish and Grahashanti are worth mentioning. They will happily go to your home if you want them performing Puja for you, but you must live in India.

Online Panditji has necessary consideration for the people who, for different reasons, have been living in foreign countries. Keeping this in mind, we have created Puja CDs which you can secure from us and you can learn how Puja should be performed. We have also online programs and you can have it through Online Live Puja Videos. Nava Durga Online Puja can be easily accessed.

Nava Durga is the goddess which is worshiped in nine images (that is, M Siddhidatri, Kushmanda, Brahmacharini, MahaGauri, Shailputri etc.) If the goddess Nava Durga is pleased, you need not be worried of your protection, It is also sure that you will have fortune with a smiling face.