Mangal dosha

Online Panditji has been created to do good for the people. Panditji who are attached to Online Panditji are exceptionally qualified and they have experience of twelve years in the realm of the Hindu Shastra. It is good that they have studied Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish with all seriousness. They are well aware of how Nine Planets, that is, Nava Graha influence our destiny. It is a fact that Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and all other planets play a part in shaping our life and career. It these planets or any of them, during celestial revolution may take some position that may do damage to a person.  Mangal dosh refers to Mangal’s position in the Janam Patrika, its position in first, fourth,, seventh and twelfth house is not good for anybody. It indicates problems in marriage. Panditjis are well-equipped with knowledge of the Shastras. They know how the Mangal dosh can be nullified.

Panditji can perform Nava Graha Puja for Graha Shanti. They will, on demand from you, visit your home to do Puja. It is only possible if you live in India. If you are away from India, you can have an access to our online programs, Online Live Puja Videos. We can send you our Puja CDs too.