Ladoo Gopal Puja

There is no peace in a family which has no child. The wedded couple considers this as a curse. We, the people of India, are fortunate for being grown up with knowledge for solution of this crisis and we have inherited this knowledge from our predecessors. The solution lies in performing Ladoo Gopal Puja, a Puja in which Panditjis associated with Online Panditjis have extra-ordinary expertise.


Online Panditji has been formed for expansion of the knowledge that is necessary to perform Puja, because doing Puja many of the earthly problems can be solved. Our Panditjis are exceptionally learned persons. They have been sincere and tenacious in learning Shastras like Karmakand, Grahashanti, Jyotish and Rudrapath. Along with this, they have been armed with 12 years of experience.


Panditjis who are attached to us at Online Panditji can perform Puja for you. They are prepared to visit your residence to do Puja, if you contact them through telephone call or email. It is necessary that your residence should be in India. You can watch them when they would worship. You can learn from them how they do Puja. If your address in not within the boundary of India, you can contact us for collecting our Puja CDs. Our online programs through Online Puja Live Videos will also be greatly beneficial for this purpose.