Ganpati stotra

Ganpati is a Hindu deity and is also popular as Shri Ganesha. Online Panditji is rich with hundreds of stotras that people look for when they decide to worship a god or goddess. Online Panditji is also rich with several scholars of excellence who have acquired complete knowledge in subjects like Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish. As they have achieved fantastic knowledge in Indian Astrology, they can direct you what you should do to get rid of hindrances of any kind.

Panditjis are ready to do Puja to benefit you, and that too, at your office or home, provided that you are India. You can also go for our Online Live Puja Videos or can collect our Puja CDs to watch how our Panditjis perform Pujas. Twelve years of experience, that these scholars have, is something awe-generating.

It is a must for any Hindu devotee to worship Ganpati first, even if he or she wants to do Puja for any other deity. Ganpati stotra is important for the reason that if it is chanted properly and under guidance of our Panditji, people are sure to have fortune and peace. Ganpati stotra is chanted in the following way:

Om Gananaam twa Ganpati gum havamahe

Kavimkaveenaa mupamashravastamam

Jyestharaajam brahmanaam brahmanaspta

Aana shrunvanootibhi seedhasadhanam

Maha Ganapataye namah