Annapurna Online Puja

Online Panditji has the determination to provide unique services to all with excellent programs of Annapurna Online Puja and also of all kinds of Puja. Actually, we have the mission to educate you about how to do Puja.

We are proud of having a team of marvelously learned scholars with us and they are authority in Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish. We call them Panditji. They have travelled several countries to do Puja and they have been highly esteemed for possessing twelve years of experience. These Panditjis are rich with the knowledge of Indian astrology. If you are passing through bad patches, Panditjis can address the problems and provide perfect solutions. You will find happiness at home and in your working place.

If you live in India, Panditjis can, on your invitation, move to your home and do Puja for your good. It is also not a matter to be worried, if you are from abroad. We provide Puja services through the internet. You can get our Puja CDs and watch how Puja is performed. Online Puja Live videos are also accessible.

You can watch our Annapurna Online Puja. Devi Annapurna is the goddess for sustenance. The Mantra for Devi Annapurna is chanted at dawn and dusk everyday. The Mantra is read as

‘Mahalaxmi, mahakali mahakaya mavali mahapuja keliya sakali dhan praptik fal-labh swaha’.